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    What is your champion?
    Basically, when you invade someone's land (with /k invade), it will spawn their kingdom's champion zombie. If you kill the zombie, you get the land. If you die, you die.

    Anyways, the champion is very significant to the protection of your land, as unupgraded or poorly upgraded champions will be easily killed by literally anyone or anything. (Seriously, unupgraded champions can be killed with kit tools if done properly)

    Some upgrades that you would max first, especially if you're a starting kingdom, is
    • Thor (This is arguably the most powerful upgrade, and is the hardest to deal with)
    • Health (Maybe up to 1000 to be safe. 2048 for best protection)
    • Drag (This is a must-have)
    • Resistance (What's weak about a zombie? They can be knocked back far too easily)
    • Speed (What's also weak about a zombie? They are so slow you can literally walk away from them)
    • Damage Cap (Nothing pisses off a well-equipped player more than this upgrade)
    • Mock (When players can't build during the fight, they are disadvantaged)
    • Focus (Don't you hate those people using gapples to kill your champion? Fear not anymore) Well okay, maybe those with a stack of the things won't be affected... but maybe you'll see the satisfaction of them burning their whole stack for one piece of land
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    nice thread
    but plz make me legend+ again someone made me member and most ranked people in the server plz give us back our rank

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